You will find hundreds of distinct brand names of legal highs, a lot of of them made in someone’s garage or cellar. Some of the well known makes are K2, Serenity, Space Cadet, Spike, Kush, Space and Hydro. The marketplace has “knock offs” of the common brands so the buyer should look into the dependability of their supplier. Many of the well-liked brand names have fallen out of grace soon after the DEA ban, but some of the very best brands (like Space Cadet) have produced new, legal alternatives in 2011 that are just as good if not greater than before.

“K2” was sold in a whole lot of shops all through the United States. People are changing though simply because it really is too pricey and it doesn’t last long enough (fewer than a half hour) and the potency is nowhere close to a number of the most recent brands. The new, legal alternate options of k2 aren't like the high quality of the original.

“Spice” has turn out to be synonymous with herbal incense, and is truly the preferred term in some states. The actual look and really feel of “Spice” is also inferior to all the other goods in these reviews.

“Kush” is actually a fairly strong, average quality brand sold at a good price.

space cadet herbal incense

You can find not less than five distinct products named “Kush”. They can’t be regarded as knock-offs of just one blend simply because they all have distinct packaging and it is evident there is no intent to clone one another. .

“Spike” and “Space” are pricey brand names that come in an assortment of potencies and are a favourite of a lot of users, but since thee ban they have not produced any good legal alternatives.

The Space Cadet products aren't the cheapest in the marketplace but they offer the top value taking into consideration the high quality, strength and length of the effects. They entered the marketplace having a packaging that has set a new standard for the other makes. Seasoned customers are converting into the Space Cadet line simply because they describe the products as smooth with effects that may last for above two hours without discomfort soon after the effects wear out. The Space Cadet series comes in 3 variants, specifically modified to meet up with the legal requirements set by the DEA's 2011 ban: Regular Space Cadet (10x), Flight Risk (100x), in addition to their latest, most potent blend, legal in forty eight states as of May 2011, called 100x Legal Herbal Incense. Avid herbal incense fanatics agree with the fact that the littlest bit of Flight Risk or 100x Legal is so much more effective compared to other legal highs that it is like something else altogether. On the other hand, the quality of the blends is still consistent over all 3 products.

The Space Cadet blends are premium blends that are made by Captain Herbal of Houston and Los Angeles and are in no way related to the blends available by Space of New York City.

Captain Herbal produces all three of these blends, and they strive for the most effective quality in all of their blends and solutions.